The ‘Arrested Development’ Documentary Is Taking Just as Long as the New Season

In 2007, aspiring filmmakers and Arrested Development superfans Jeff Smith and Neil Lieberman began working on The Arrested Development Documentary Project. The duo has been interviewing the cast and crew for five years and posting trailers for four, but there’s still no word on when the doc will come out or how you’ll be able to see it. Smith and Lieberman just released the above “Absolute Official, Last and Final Trailer” this month, despite the fact that they released a “final trailer” over three years ago. The trailer, though, is pretty impressive and makes it look like the documentary will be full of funny and insightful interviews, whenever it does come out. I wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix tries to snap up the rights to the doc to release it with the new season next spring. That is, if the filmmakers are done with it by then and don’t need another five years.

The ‘Arrested Development’ Documentary Is Taking Just […]