The Best of Late Night’s Responses to the Presidential Debate

America’s late night shows took on Tuesday’s presidential debate this week, all of them going about it in their own unique way. Here’s Jon Stewart laying into Mitt Romney over his contraception stance and his “binders full of women” remark, as well as complimenting Barack Obama (who’s appearing on The Daily Show tonight!) for actually deciding to attend this debate.

Check out some more highlights from late night’s coverage of the second debate after the jump:

Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew into the streets a few hours before the debate to ask passersby who they think won.

Kimmel also shared this video of Mitt Romney caught with his microphone on after the debate.

Conan shared this footage of a nervous audience member.

Jon Stewart delved into how much Obama and Romney “fucking hate each other.”

Stephen Colbert investigated the low standards set by Obama’s first debate performance and how tough his buddy Mitt had it when it comes to stool-sitting.

The Best of Late Night’s Responses to the Presidential […]