The Fourth Season of ‘Community’ Is Coming to Canadian TV November 9th January 11th Someday

Still on hiatus at NBC, it looks like Community will be coming back on the air in Canada before we get new episodes in the States. Canadian TV station Citytv posted that the fourth season of Community will debut on Friday, November 9th. This doesn’t exactly bode well for Community’s future at NBC, given that the show’s audience is a bunch of technology-crazy youngsters who torrent it in large numbers to begin with. If NBC doesn’t schedule the new season before November 9th, Community could have a whole new ratings problem on its hands with hardcore fans who have been deprived of their beloved show for six months being tempted in large numbers to torrent the new episodes after they air in Canada instead of waiting until spring of 2013. Sheesh, this show can’t catch a break.

Update: Citytv’s website now says they’ll be premiering the new season on Friday, January 11th, which will still be likely be before NBC does the same.

2nd Update: Citytv’s website has been changed a second time to say “No date has yet been set for the return of Community,” although the January 11th date is still listed below it. Get your act together, Canada!

The Fourth Season of ‘Community’ Is Coming to Canadian […]