The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Collegehumor Panel at New York Comic Con

This week on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, Jeff moderates a panel at the New York Comic Con consisting of the nerdiest people working at Collegehumor and Dorkly. They talk about writing nerdy comedy for the internet, some of the stuff that’s bombed, and how many original Mario jokes that are left to write.

As is getting custom here is a small text-based sneak peek:

“As soon as you categorize videogames as work in your brain, it is amazing how fast your brain considers video games to be something you shouldn’t be excited about playing. Which is such an asshole opinion for your brain to have.” - Owen Parsons, writer at Collegehumor, on being forced to play video games for work purposes.

“We always make stupid jokes, where we will talk in LARP speak, and we would make each other laugh with that. Then we would post it on the internet, and no one else laughed. It’s almost as if it’s only funny if it’s your friends doing it. It’s a case of mistaking an inside joke for something that everyone else will like.” - Brian Murphy, writer at Collegehumor, on the article The Adventures of Thaldin Grixbane: Office LARPer

“We tend to get a bigger response out of those, so we do more of them. It’s also fun to mine really deep into these things that people typically don’t. Like the Mario Goes Beserk video. Mario has an axe there, why DOESN’T he just kill everyone. This is something that everyone can relate to, and everyone is going to get it. The response to that one was huge, and it is very encouraging to get that response, so we just want to go deeper and deeper into that rabbit hole.” - Andrew Bridgman, editor of Dorkly, on why they keep writing about the same video game characters like Mario.

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The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Collegehumor Panel at […]