‘The Larry Sanders Show’ Cast Reunites and Garry Shandling (Wisely) Doesn’t Want a Movie

Entertainment Weekly reunited some classic TV and movie casts for this month’s reunion issue, including Arrested Development, Cheers, and National Lampoon’s Vacation, but today, EW published an interview with Garry Shandling and a reunion video of the cast of HBO’s The Larry Sanders Show, featuring Jeffrey Tambor, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Rip Torn, and more.  The Garry Shandling interview, although short, has some interesting moments. On the massive impact the show has had on the next generation of sitcom folk, Shandling said, “Sometimes I’ll be watching TV and what happens is I’ll flip to [a show] and within two seconds, I feel like I’m in the writers room again. That’s when I know there’s some similarity in the sensibility of the writing. [pauses] Mostly The Price is Right.” When asked about the likelihood of a Larry Sanders reunion movie (something entertainment journalists are required to ask of every classic TV show creator now), Shandling explained, “My only thought is, maybe when Larry dies we’ll do something on Access Hollywood. We’ll get a bunch of stars to just go on and on about Larry and what it was like to be on his talk show. [Laughs] I think we could probably fool a number of people.” Absent from the reunion was Sanders cast member Jeremy Piven, who will be appearing in an upcoming movie reunion of a less-revered HBO showbiz comedy, Entourage, unless my Kickstarter to bribe Access Hollywood host Billy Bush into announcing Vinnie Chase’s death on-air gets enough funding.

‘The Larry Sanders Show’ Cast Reunites and Garry […]