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The Lords of Salem Trailer: Goat’s Head Revisited

For all House of 1000 Corpses’s messy and icky filmmaking, Rob Zombie’s directing debut was notable for its utterly thorough kitchen sink approach to the B-movie slasher genre. Based on this haunting preview for The Lords of Salem, we can assume that if the narrative fails disastrously, at least it’ll be to the occult what House was to wearers of skin-masks. It’s a rich teaser — corpse paint, a goat, satanic chants, all set to opera. According to Deadline, Sheri Moon Zombie will play a Salem radio DJ who wakes “a coven of nasty 17th century witches” by playing a metal song on the air. Glad to have you off the shoddy Halloween remake beat, Mr. Zombie.

Lords of Salem Trailer: Goat’s Head Revisited