‘The Neighbors’ Is The Fifth Sitcom to Get a Full Season Pick-Up This Year

ABC has just picked up The Neighbors for a first full season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The first season comedy stars Jami Gertz and Lenny Venito as two parents whose family moves to a New Jersey suburb, only to find that the residents are all aliens in disguise. The show’s been scoring modest ratings, thanks to a cushy timeslot right in between The Middle and Modern Family Wednesday nights. The Neighbors marks the fifth new primetime sitcom to receive a full season pick-up this season, following in the footsteps of NBC’s Go On and The New Normal and Fox’s The Mindy Project and Ben and Kate. This leaves CBS’s Partners and NBC’s Guys with Kids as the only sitcoms still awaiting word on a full season order, while NBC’s Animal Practice and Next Caller have been canceled. We’ll get another new batch of comedies in January, when the networks debut their midseason replacement shows, none of which involve monkeys, aliens, babies, or Dane Cook, which will make guessing which shows will survive and which won’t much less exciting.

‘The Neighbors’ Is The Fifth Sitcom to Get a Full […]