Today in Bill Murray: Bill Murray Crashes a Kickball League and Loves the Movie ‘Road House’

Bill Murray’s whimsically erratic real-life behavior is old news, but the comedy icon is continuing to pop up in unexpected places to give the people he runs into great stories to tell. This weekend, he crashed a kickball league, and this picture from the escapade was posted on Tumblr. In other Bill Murray happenings, actress Kelly Lynch (Road House, Drugstore Cowboy), whose husband Mitch Glazer is a longtime friend and collaborator of Murray’s, gave an interview to The A. V. Club, where she shared this delightful Bill Murray anecdote:

“Speaking of Bill Murray, every time Road House is on and he or one of his idiot brothers are watching TV—and they’re always watching TV—one of them calls my husband and says [In a reasonable approximation of Carl Spackler], ‘Kelly’s having sex with Patrick Swayze right now. They’re doing it. He’s throwing her against the rocks.’ … [Mitch] said that Bill once called him from Russia.”
Today in Bill Murray: Bill Murray Crashes a Kickball […]