Today in New Music: Big Boi and Kelly Rowland, Ashanti and R. Kelly, Taylor Swift and Her Regrets

Hello and welcome to the latest meeting of Tuesday Morning Music Club, in which everyone dances around to the new music that always seems to drop on Monday nights. Today: Big Boi makes friends with Kelly Rowland; Ashanti makes friends with R. Kelly; and Taylor Swift tells you some more about her ex-boyfriends. Go with it!

Big Boi feat. Kelly Rowland - “Mama Told Me”
This one goes out to the Casio-keyboard-owners of the world. Also: big day for women who have spent a portion of their lives in Beyoncé’s shadow! (Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors is out November 13.)

Ashanti feat. R. Kelly - “That’s What We Do”
Here is an Ashanti–R. Kelly duet about checking your significant other’s cell phone and jeans and also possibly stalking him or her out of love. Just click “play.”

Taylor Swift - “Red”
Swear to God, the first line of this song is “Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street.” (Our obligatory bet is on John Mayer. But we don’t condone this behavior.)

Today in New Music: Big Boi, Ashanti, R. Kelly