Today in Patton Oswalt: Patton Gets Cast in FX’s ‘Justified’ and Writes Another Cool Blog Post

It’s a banner day for Patton Oswalt, as FX announced he’s been cast in a recurring role on the upcoming season of the Timothy Olyphant western Justified, and he just wrote a cool piece on his web site, as well. Oswalt will make his first Justified appearance in the season four premiere in early 2013 as Olyphant’s former schoolmate-turned-constable. As mentioned, Oswalt also penned a top-notch blog post today. Inspired by an incident at the L.A. Riot comedy festival last week, he wrote about the importance of outgrowing your youthful rebellious streak. Here’s an excerpt (full piece here):

You’re supposed to mindlessly, reflexively boo “The Man”, even if you don’t have the foggiest notion of who “The Man” is; even if you haven’t taken the two seconds to maybe think about what “The Man” is doing.  It’s all part of growing up.  It’s fine.It’s also okay, once you get past a certain age and, through traveling or reading or just keeping your eyes open, to give the posers a nudge…  I had people knock my head in the right direction when I was wasting my youthful energy on the wrong targets.  I was passing along the favor.
Today in Patton Oswalt: Patton Gets Cast in FX’s […]