Top Ten Sexiest Up-and-Coming Funny Young Underrated Comics with Genitalia That You Should Be Following on Twitter Whose Fresh Faces We Love to Watch

Steve Martin

Hollywood take note: Steve Martin’s fresh take on everything from jerks to ancient Egypt is a goldmine just waiting to be discovered. See him for cheap while you still can, folks. This guy’s going places.

Joel Sheffenberg

Joel’s popular podcast, “The Sound of My Own Voice,” is a bi-weekly, three-to-four hour exploration of what it’s really like to be a comedian. While he requires all his guests to tell a harrowing story of unspeakable pain, they’ll also do hilarious, very inside bits that can last for hours!

Greg Phillips

Greg Phillips’ comedy shows should come with a warning label: “Not for the easily offended!” No topic is off limits. Greg achieved fame and notoriety last year when he strangled a hooker to death on stage in order to illustrate that yes, murder can be funny. Some called it criminal, we call it brilliant.

Amelia Haynes

She’s never performed stand up, but, as Amelia Haynes says, “My friends always tell me I’m funny, so maybe one day I’ll actually get the courage to get up on stage and try it.” Shhhhh…we have it on good authority that she’s on the short list for next year’s Just for Laughs “Undecided Showcase” - featuring comedy’s hottest young faces who have yet to decide if they want to try stand up.

Addie Bellingham

Don’t be fooled by her cute looks: innovative comedian Addie Bellingham holds nothing back when it comes to talking raw about sex and dating. If you can manage to catch your breath from all the deep, gut-busting laughing, you’ll be left wondering, how can someone so sweet say such nasty things? More, please!

Benjamin Davis

We had no idea who was until we saw him on Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch, Rolling Stone’s 10 Funniest People, TimeOut’s Comedians We Love, Huffington Post’s 20 Comedians You Should Follow, Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch, Architectural Digest’s Fresh Faces of Comedy, Art Doll Magazine’s 10 Sexiest Comediennes, and Cat Fancy’s 11 Purrrfect Comedians.

Mila Kunis

Undoubtedly, her performance in Black Swan solidified her place in the comedy world, but once Mila Kunis was named Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive,” we knew we had to include her on this list. Meee-yow!

Sam Duran

Sam Duran’s famous political rants will leave you exhausted from both laughing and thinking. Sam is proof positive that sometimes, the only thing separating a comedian from a crazy homeless person…is a microphone.

Alison Gelman

Alison Gelman is an undiscovered comedy genius. We can’t believe she hasn’t landed a manager yet. Go see her one-woman show, “You Had Me At Merlot!” Also, she is my roommate and best friend.

Nathan Krebs

As of this writing, Nathan Krebs has accumulated over 900k Twitter followers under his hilarious handle @TittyLongstocking. His tweets range from jizz puns to sarcastic retorts to celebrities, mixed with numerous public arguments with fans. All of it will be available for purchase in a daily tear-off calendar in 2013.

Sara Schaefer is a standup comedian and co-host of podcast You Had to Be There and and MTV’s forthcoming Nikki and Sara Show.

Top Ten Sexiest Up-and-Coming Funny Young Underrated […]