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Iron Man 3 Trailer: Why So Serious, Robert Downey Jr.?

Well, this looks different. This trailer is the first extended glimpse at new director Shane Black’s take on Iron Man, and boy, is it dark. Gone is the hard rock, fast cars, fast women, and quips of the early Jon Favreau installments, and in its place, we have Robert Downey Jr. moodily walking alone in a silent snow fall. According to the plot synopsis, this version is going to focus a lot more on (the sad) Tony Stark as he comes to terms with the question: “Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?” He’ll be facing off against Sir Ben Kingsley (seemingly doing a Hugo Weaving–in–The Matrix impression) as bun-wearing bad guy the Mandarin, a legendary Iron Man villain known for his powerful rings. The film comes out May 3, 2013, when we’ll finally learn if someone brings that man a sweater. His arms must be as cold as cold iron, which is very cold.

Watch a Bummed RDJ in the Iron Man 3 Trailer