Watch Jimmy Pardo’s New Nerdist Web Show ‘Write Now!’ Right Now

Jimmy Pardo, host of the Never Not Funny podcast, longtime Conan warm-up comic, and all-around good guy, has a new web series, Write Now!, debuting on the Nerdist Channel this week. Based on his popular live show of the same name, Write Now! sees Pardo assembling a group of professional comedy writers to write material for him live on stage, passing him index cards of jokes that he’s seeing for the first time as he reads them. In the first episode, Pardo’s guest writers are Frank Sebastiano (SNL), Laurie Kilmartin (Conan), and Ed Lee (Are You There, Chelsea?). Whoever writes the “Joke of the Night” wins $50. If that isn’t reason enough to tune in, you can also see Jimmy Pardo doing an impression of Jon Stewart doing an impression of Johnny Carson doing an impression of Jackie Gleason, which may be the world’s first-ever impression that’s four people deep.

Watch Jimmy Pardo’s New Nerdist Web Show ‘Write Now!’ […]