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Broken City Trailer: A Kanye Soundtrack Means It’s a Thriller

The city in Broken City is New York City, yet, for some unexplained reason, its mayor (Russell Crowe) speaks in a Boston accent. Sure, it would make sense for Mark Wahlberg — but Crowe? In the movie, Wahlberg plays an ex-NYC cop who is hired by the mayor to find out who is sleeping with Mrs. Mayor (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Then things take a turn for the worse and envelopes are exchanged and people die and cars crash and Crowe and Wahlberg glare at each other across shiny tables, but none of it can distract us from that accent. Is he mad he didn’t get Jack Nicholson’s Departed part and is now taking it out on this movie? Did he see Mark Wahlberg and forget the setting? And who in New York City would vote for a Bostonian mayoral candidate? Is the movie about the New England takeover of the tri-state area? If so, this movie looks great. If not …

Watch the Broken City Trailer