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Weak Weekend Box Office Not Entirely Hurricane Sandy’s Fault

CLOUD ATLAS Photo: Jay Maidment/Warner Bros.

Cloud Atlas fell short of Warner Bros.’ expected weekend tally of $15 million, instead pulling in just $9.4 million and placing third in this weekend’s box office. It was beaten out by Ben Affleck’s Argo, now in its third week, and even Sony’s animated hit Hotel Transylvania (in its fifth week). Of the weekend’s other openers, only horror flick Silent Hill: Revelation 3D even broke the top 10. This rather weak across-the-board performance is not entirely Hurricane Sandy’s fault, however; the Hollywood Reporter says “pre-Halloween parties, football and the World Series were more of a distraction.” At least our cousins across the pond have something to be happy about, with Daniel Craig’s $32.4 million performance in Skyfall breaking several UK records. Hopefully, he’ll bring some of that James Bond magic when the movie debuts stateside in two weeks.

Weak Weekend Box Office Not Sandy’s Fault