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Where Else Should The Walking Dead Survivors Visit in Atlanta?

Photo: terren in Virginia/Flickr

When season three of The Walking Dead kicks off on Sunday, Sheriff Rick and his friends will have to confront the giant prisonlike structure seen in the final moments of last season’s finale. (Spoiler alert: It’s definitely a prison.) So continues The Walking Dead’s zombie march through Atlanta and its surrounding areas — a tour that has already included visits to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the finer shopping establishments in Downtown Atlanta; and I-85, the highway where most Atlantans spend too much of their time. But our survivors can’t live at one location forever, right season two? So, just to get the ball rolling, here are few more Atlanta attractions that could feasibly be written into future Walking Dead seasons. Coke museum, it’s your time to shine!

The Coca-Cola Museum
Since the CDC has already been torched, Rick and gang decide to investigate alternative medical solutions for the walker virus. First stop: the Coca-Cola museum, where the gang learns about Coke’s medicinal properties and attempts to brew an antidote out of the Russian Coke available in the International Taste Test Room. Naturally, Carl wanders away unnoticed and hangs out with some fake polar bears.

The Georgia Aquarium
When walkers overtake the Coca-Cola museum, the crew runs across the street and into the Georgia Aquarium. This turns out to be a terrible idea, because the only thing scarier than a human zombie is a freaking whale shark zombie. (We imagine it became the swimming dead after something like this happened.) After finding Carl, who has naturally wandered away unnoticed, in the gift shop, the group flees.

Blondie, the famous Clermont Lounge Stripper
Lost and confused in Downtown Atlanta, the gang seeks advice from an Atlanta old-timer. Blondie suggests that Rick lead his followers to Georgia Tech, where a cure might be hiding. Then she crushes a beer can with her breasts, because that is what she does. She is briefly drafted into service after Carl wanders away unnoticed.

Georgia Tech
The survivors invade the labs and find them deserted — save for one lonely engineering undergrad, who has been hiding under his desk for the better part of four seasons. He does not know how to reverse the outbreak. He does know where to get snacks, but Carl has already found them because, you know, Carl.

Nuevo Laredo Cantina
Everyone likes Mexican food. (Get the fish tacos!) 

Stone Mountain Laser Show
In an attempt to make Carl sit still for twenty minutes, Rick and Lori take their son to see the pretty lights atop Georgia’s largest mound of quartz. Turns out the walkers like pretty lights, too. They flee.

North Georgia Premium Outlets
Rick, Lori, and Carl reunite with the rest of the gang at Georgia’s finest outlet mall, where the rest of the group is attempting to restock on supplies. Unfortunately, the Stone Mountain Walkers have followed the trio, and there is nothing that energizers walkers more than half-price cotton-blend sweaters that were never sold in stores. Everyone dies in the middle of J.Crew.

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