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Last Night on Late Night: Will Arnett Read Texts From his Mother

Last night, Will Arnett visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! to recount a common 21st-century problem: when parents discover text messaging. What’s his mom texting him about that has him sounding so annoyed? “The Good Wife is an excellent show!” “Damascus!!!!!!!!!!” Pick and choose your texts, Will’s mom, or your son will go on national TV and poke fun at you. Nick Offerman stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman and sang a song he wrote for his wife Megan Mullally’s 50th birthday called “The Rainbow Song,” which includes the lyric: I’ve got my Cialis so I should not fail/ Please don’t deny my advances, for you are the one that I want to impale. And Tina Fey showed Jimmy Fallon the “terrifying demon face” murals she let her oldest daughter, Alice, paint for new baby Penelope.

Will Arnett Reads Texts From his Mother