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You Haven’t Seen Every New Costume in Iron Man 3 Yet

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 11: Actor James Badge Dale attends the premiere of Open Road's
James Badge Dale. Photo: David Livingston/2012 Getty Images

If today’s flurry of Marvel movie news wasn’t enough for you, here’s something else to look forward to: You’ll get your first look at Iron Man 3 on October 23, when the teaser trailer debuts online. We learned that from James Badge Dale last night, who plays the villainous Eric Savin (“Loosely based on Coldblood,” he clarified) in the anticipated Marvel sequel due out next summer. “The great thing about my costume in Iron Man is that it’s very low-pro,” Dale told us at the after-party for the New York Film Festival closing night premiere of Flight. In fact, his outfit is so “low-pro” that you haven’t seen it yet, even though bloggers initially (and erroneously) reported that Dale had been spotted on set in red, white, and blue body armor. “It was very confusing, because I was in Albequerque filming The Lone Ranger, and people were calling me going, ‘Yo, dude, I saw you on the Iron Man set!’ And I was like, ‘Brother, I ain’t even shown up yet. I’m still in the desert, riding horses.’” Dale’s clearly excited for Iron Man 3 — he says director Shane Black has a surprising take and that “the tone of the film is very particular, very offbeat, very out-there” — but it’s another comic-book hero that truly has his heart. “I was going to go as the Tick, actually,” he said when we asked him if he had any plans to hit up New York Comic Con. “I’m a big fan of the Tick.”

You Haven’t Seen Every New Costume in Iron Man 3