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Why You Should Stay for the End Credits of Cloud Atlas

Photo: Warner Bros.

Cloud Atlas is a whole lot of movie. If you include trailers and the pre-film dancing-concessions reel, we’re easily talking three hours. So when that thing ends, there will be a collective urgency to jump out of one’s seat faster than you can say “Wachowski.” But don’t jump out of your seat — sit in your seat and watch the credits because it’s very worth it. After the initial set of credits, the film goes through each main actor, running through every character he or she plays in the movie. Some are obvious, like white Halle Berry and cannibal tribesman Hugh Grant, but some (like Jim Broadbent as a random street musician who plays the movie’s theme on a string instrument in the Neo Seoul section) you’d never guess. Depending on what you think of the film, this little game of Spot the Movie Star might end up being one of the film’s most satisfying payoffs.

You Should Stay for the Cloud Atlas End Credits