Twenty-three Stupid Things That Charlie Has Done So Far on Revolution

REVOLUTION – “The Children’s Crusade” Episode 107 – Pictured: Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie Matheson – (Photo by: Brownie Harris/NBC) Photo: NBC/2012 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

The hit NBC show Revolution returns tonight after four months off the air. Here is a refresher on one of TV’s most frustrating characters, which we first published in November 2012.

For a show that’s only aired ten episodes, Revolution has been able to cram in a lot of stupidity from its main protagonist. Regardless of her pure intentions, Charlie is one of TV’s most frustrating characters — incompetent at both planning and execution. She’s the weakest element of a mediocre show, but Revolution couldn’t exist without Charlie: Her terrible decision-making is the driving force behind much of the plot. In chronological order, here are 23 stupid things that Charlie has done since the series started.

1. Charlie dares her brother Danny to explore an abandoned motor home, even though Danny is asthmatic and she’s supposed to be protecting him. I’m not saying asthmatics shouldn’t be active — some of our best explorers were asthmatic — but this is a postapocalyptic dystopia, and inhalers are hard to come by. (“Pilot”)
2. When Charlie meets Nate in the woods, she doesn’t tell Aaron or Maggie about him. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, except for the fact that on Revolution, basically every person you encounter in the wild is going to try to kill you later. (“Pilot”)
3. Later, Nate joins the group at Charlie’s behest. She advises Maggie and Aaron to trust him, which they shouldn’t because he’s totally a Militia spy. It’s also worth noting that Charlie makes a case for trusting people shortly after nearly getting raped and murdered by drifters. (“Pilot”)
4. Charlie wants to go after Danny immediately, while Miles rightly points out that it’s obviously a trap. Faced with logic, Charlie cries. (“Pilot”)
5. Shortly thereafter, Miles realizes that Nate is a Militia spy, because duh, of course he is. Knowing the Militia will soon be arriving, he urges Charlie and the others to leave. She refuses on the grounds that running away would be way too sensible. (“Pilot”)
6. The group gets ambushed by Jacob. Miles gains the upper hand and is about to kill their attacker when Charlie steps in and pleads for mercy. This dude was literally about to murder them all, but sure, give him a free pass. (“Chained Heat”)
7. Later Charlie gets herself captured by Jacob. Can’t say she wasn’t warned! (“Chained Heat”)
8. Miles is able to save Charlie and the others, but he gets himself taken in. While Maggie and Aaron are sleeping, Charlie goes off after him on her own, leaving behind a note that says, “I went after Miles. I’m sorry. Please don’t worry.” Keep in mind she has given them every reason to worry. (“Chained Heat”)
9. To her credit, Charlie volunteers to shoot the warden and help free Militia prisoners. But as soon as she does it, she gets all whiny, as though she didn’t know killing someone would send her into an attention-stealing shame spiral. (“Chained Heat”)
10. Here’s the thing: Nobility is dumb. The moral high ground means nothing when you’re dead. And yet, when the group is hiding out with rebels and the Militia is descending on them, Charlie decides to stay and fight. Dumb. (“No Quarter”)
11. Even when Miles is digging a tunnel to escape the rebel base, Charlie foolishly insists on standing her ground. She goes so far as to call Miles a coward. There is nothing cowardly about fleeing a dangerous situation — that’s just survival instinct. (“No Quarter”)
12. It’s probably not fair to blame Charlie for getting chased by the Militia and later getting captured by Ray Kinsey. Still, smart people know better than to get chased and captured. (“The Plague Dogs”)
13. Here’s something that’s definitely Charlie’s fault: Miles makes it very clear that she shouldn’t talk to anyone in Noblesville. Naturally she ends up chatting with Tom Neville, one of the most dangerous men in the Militia. Okay, he strikes up the conversation, but she could easily have deflected without engaging. (“Soul Train”)
14. And she definitely could have not followed Neville. Because Charlie is not trained at the art of tailing someone undetected, Neville turns the tables on her and quickly realizes she’s Danny’s sister. (“Soul Train”)
15. I guess it’s not stupidity that makes Charlie rip up her old postcards, but it definitely lacks foresight. She’s going to miss those! (“Sex and Drugs”)
16. Later, on yet another assassination mission, Charlie unsubtly removes the long needle from her hair, thereby revealing her weapon to Bill. He instantly deduces that she’s been sent to kill him, which kind of ruins the whole element-of-surprise thing. But definitely keep sending Charlie undercover. (“Sex and Drugs”)
17. I’ll admit that a lot of Charlie’s dumb behavior stems from a genuine desire to do the right thing, but I maintain that it’s moronic. And it’s especially stupid to want to rescue someone just because he looks a little bit like your kidnapped brother. (“The Children’s Crusade”)
18. See also: stopping to check on a kid lying in the road. It’s a trap! (“The Children’s Crusade”)
19. See also: promising to rescue the aforementioned boy who looks like your brother from the Militia. (“The Children’s Crusade”)
20. Once again, Charlie volunteers to go undercover. As anyone who watches Revolution can tell you, she’s just not a very good actress. And yes, she passes for about as long as you’d expect before making a scene, getting knocked out, flubbing an escape, and being branded with the Monroe M. (“The Children’s Crusade”)
21. When Nora’s sister begs her to leave, Charlie says she can go. It’s the right thing to do, but man, is it stupid. (“Ties That Bind”)
22. I’m not saying Charlie’s responsible for stepping on a mine. I’m just saying no one else in the group steps on any mines. (“Kashmir”)
23. But Charlie has one thing going for her: She’s incredibly lucky. Yes, she’s dumb enough to sacrifice herself to Strausser, but she’s saved just in the nick of time. Congratulations, Charlie. You have lived to fumble through another day. (“Nobody’s Fault But Mine”)

23 Stupid Things Charlie Has Done on Revolution