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3-D Hit Wreck-It Ralph Knocks One Out, While Flight Soars

As the Eastern Seaboard picks up the pieces from Hurricane Sandy and movie theaters turned the power back on, audiences flocked to the movies this weekend, buying $50 million worth of tickets to Disney’s 3D Wreck-It Ralph blockbuster. Paramount’s Denzel Washington-as-a-gonzo-pilot film Flight also outperformed expectations, nearly recouping its production budget with a $25 million opening weekend. In third place, Ben Affleck’s Oscar contender Argo held on with a $10 million-plus haul, while The Man With the Iron Fists (“presented by” Quentin Tarantino and directed by hip hop star RZA) came in fourth with $8.2 million. Enjoy your moment, all, because next weekend 007 (a.k.a. Skyfall) is coming to town, and he means business.

3-D Hit Wreck-It Ralph, Flight Both Do Well