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Admission Trailer: Tina Fey and Paul Rudd Get Academic

In Admission, Tina Fey looks to be doing her Tina Fey thing, only possibly with a helping of additional actressing. She’s Portia Nathan (quite the name), a notably childless admissions officer at Princeton who gets summoned to delightfully interact with Paul Rudd. Through Rudd, she gets a shot at the collegiate admissions art of nepotism when she discovers her new pal knows a teen who may be her long lost, put-up-for-adoption son. It’s directed by Paul Weitz (About a Boy, American Pie, Being Flynn), with guest roles from Michael Sheen, Wallace Shawn, and Lily Tomlin with a shotgun. [Warning/apology: autoplay on the trailer.]

Admission Trailer: Fey and Rudd Get Academic