Alison Brie Reminisces About Working as a Birthday Clown

“I think I was 17 or 18 at the time. A friend of mine who I did drama with… goes, “They’re looking for young, cute, fun girls to be clowns”… I would literally drive into Compton, change into my clown gear, and then drive to whatever party. It was an awesome job… My clown name was Sunny; it was pretty straightforward. I had a yellow wig and a yellow suit, and I did my own face paint, of course. I also did characters sometimes, like Cinderella and Snow White and Powerpuff Girls, which was the worst, because you had to wear a little mini dress, but then a huge head that just had this little chinstrap, and you could see through these little dots. You had to do balloon animals and paint kids’ faces while dads were scoping you out. It was really weird.”

-Alison Brie talking to The A.V. Club about starting her career in the entertainment industry as a birthday party clown.

Alison Brie Reminisces About Working as a Birthday […]