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How Many Different Ways Can the Cast of Twilight Comment on the End of Twilight?

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At this point in their press tour, the cast of Twilight would probably rather a reporter whip out this picture and ask where Rupert Sanders’s face was headed than field another question about their “journey coming to an end.” But Twi-writers can’t seem to get enough of the “bittersweet” soundbite, and so Robert Pattinson and company have been forced to express (feign?) their disbelief and sadness over and over and over again. How’s that going for them? Vulture surveyed dozens of interviews and figured out that there are basically five ways (and one totally random one) for the stars of Twilight to tackle The Most Mundane Question on Earth.

1. Incredulously

  • “It’s absolutely bizarre.” —Robert Pattinson
  • “It’s a strange feeling.” —Taylor Lautner
  • “It is sad; it is strange.” —Kristen Stewart 
  • “I can’t believe it, what do you mean it’s over? We can’t believe this is over.” —Nikki Reed
  • “It definitely feels much more sad and dramatic than I thought it would.” —Nikki Reed
  • “I don’t think I’ve ever felt more completely bewildered to know I only have a month of Twilight stuff to do. I think it’s going to take ten years to really settle in my brain.”—Robert Pattinson
  • “It’s weird. It’s like, you’ve got this constant tapping on your shoulder. Bella just never left me alone. And as soon as I didn’t have to worry about her anymore, I was like [looks over shoulder for Bella].” —Kristen Stewart
  • “I’m a lot more sad than I expected to be.” —Nikki Reed
  • “I think it’s just now starting to hit us that this is done, and that in itself is really overwhelming.” —Nikki Reed
  • “It’s a strange feeling. I kind of don’t believe it.” —Taylor Lautner
  • “It’s crazy. I don’t think I’m every going to experience this again.” —Robert Pattinson
  • “I don’t know if I say ‘sad.’ I don’t know if I say ‘excited.’ There are so many things. It’s a weird feeling.” —Taylor Lautner
  • ”I know the most go-to answer for everyone on these carpets is ‘Oh my gosh, this is so surreal.’ But to be honest with you, this time is so completely surreal.” —Kristen Stewart

2. Nostalgically

  • “We’ll have this forever … you do it for the experience of it, and you hold that forever.” —Kristen Stewart
  • “Everything about it has just been special, I’ll always remember it.” —Kellan Lutz
  • “The experience never leaves you. I’ll have it forever.” —Kristen Stewart
  • “It’s going to be something I’ll always look back on, for sure.” —Ashley Greene
  • “It’s kind of like high school when you look through your year book and you read those messages that people wrote to you. It’s tough not to be affected — I have emotions.” —Kellan Lutz
  • “To get to be a part of something like this is just amazing.” —Elizabeth Reaser
  • “It’s been so special.” —Nikki Reed
  • Thank god we had this awesome group of actors to grow and connect with through everything that was Twilight.” —Kellan Lutz

3. Fearfully

  • “There’s a fair amount of fear.” —Robert Pattinson
  • “It’s a little daunting, just to kind of lose that security.” —Robert Pattinson
  • “It’s slightly worrying. It’s a fragile economy at the moment.” —Robert Pattinson
  • “You’re on your own, basically.”—Robert Pattinson

4. Optimistically (It’s bittersweet.)

  • “You’re sad that it’s ending, and at the same time you’re glad to be able to move on.” —Peter Facinelli
  • “It’s tough to say goodbye to in one sense, but it is exciting to look forward.” —Taylor Lautner
  • “It’s bittersweet … but it’s great to close a chapter on one franchise and hopefully I can start a new franchise with Tarzan.” —Kellan Lutz
  • “It’s kind of sad that it’s ending, but it’s also an exciting thing that we got to finish out a franchise, because I feel a lot of people don’t get to do that.” —Ashley Greene
  • “Even though it’s a bummer to walk away, it’s something I’ll always have.” —Kristen Stewart

5. With Respect to Time

  • “It’s five years of my life that can never be replaced. I’m very thankful to be a part of it.” —Ashley Greene
  • “We had five years. And so the fact that this thing is out and it’s not weighing on us anymore — [we’re] super excited about that.” —Kristen Stewart
  • “Here we are, five years later, and it’s stinkin’ done.” —Taylor Lautner
  • “It flew by, it really did. We had so many amazing experiences and it was so fun that it just  — five years went by like that.” —Taylor Lautner
  • “I had Bella for five years and so that’s made an enormous mark.” —Kristen Stewart

Totally and Completely Randomly

And, just for fun, here’s what happens when Jimmy Fallon asks Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner essentially the same exact question, a day apart:

Jimmy Fallon (on November 8): Millions of Twilight fans out there just cannot wait to see this. It’s very almost heartbreaking because they don’t want it to be over. It’s a little bittersweet, isn’t it?
Robert Pattinson: For them! [Laughs maniacally.]

Jimmy Fallon (on November 9): This is it, this is the last Twilight. It’s a little sad for fans.
Taylor Lautner: It is. It’s sad for us too.

Taylor Lautner: Diplomatic. Robert Pattinson: British.

The Cast of Twilight on the End of Twilight