Check Out ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert Report’s Election Eve Coverage

Today’s a big day for America, and last night, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert had their last go at the election before the polls open this morning. Here’s the start of The Daily Show, in which Stewart sends correspondents Jessica Williams and Aasif Mandvi to the Obama and Romney rallies. Embedded below is Stewart and Colbert’s election coverage from last night, mostly on Obama and Romney’s last-minute campaigning in battleground states. Both Comedy Central fake news shows will be back tonight at 11pm EST/8pm PST for their live election coverage, which, as usual, will outclass the actual news networks’ election coverage.

As usual, the pundits are just as silly as the politicians this year.

All the hard work done in the name of Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC has finally paid off as Mitt Romney said the PAC’s slogan in a recent speech.

Colbert turns his attention to the campaigns’ guilting America into voting.

Colbert examines TV pundits’ use of the same metaphor for the election: “razor tight.”

Check Out ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert Report’s […]