‘Comedy Bang Bang,’ ‘The Bugle,’ ‘Who Charted?’ and More in This Week in Comedy Podcasts

The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There are a lot of great shows and each has a lot of great episodes, so we want to highlight the exceptional, the noteworthy.  Each week our crack team of podcast enthusiasts and specialists and especially enthusiastic people will pick their favorites. Also, we’ll keep you posted on the offerings from our very own podcast network. We hope to have your ears permanently plugged with the best in aural comedy.

Who Charted? #102 – Todd Glass

ROGER: Todd Glass tends to take over any show he happens to be a guest on, most recently stealing an entire episode of The Burn with Jeff Ross and enveloping a recent edition of Doug Loves Movies with his charmingly silly, overexplaining humor. In one of the longest episodes in the history of Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack’s Who Charted?, Glass seemed almost apologetic when he admitted to not knowing any of the charted music or movies that the hosts brought up. It wasn’t surprising - a fair number of established comedians don’t have the time to absorb movies, TV shows and music like us regular folk. But with assurances by Vilaysack that the music or movies were simply jumping points to conversation, Glass comfortably discussed how he comes across new songs and what type of music he likes, playing jingles from his own podcast from his phone as examples. His incredible lack of movie knowledge has already been well documented on Doug Loves Movies, but on Charted? he was able to elaborate further on why that might be. He also talked about Kremer’s teeth and whether or not The Amazing Jonathan was a “dick”, as will tend to happen on a limitless unbound entity. Obviously, if you aren’t a Todd Glass fan this wouldn’t be an ideal one hundred minutes of time to spend, but if you’re a fan and an avid listener to his podcast, consider that even the advertisements on this week’s Charted? used “Baby Elephant Walk” as the bed music, a Henry Mancini instrumental forever ruined/enhanced by Glass’ Show’s recurring unicycle bit.

The Bugle #213 – Free at Last!

ELISE: For a podcast that’s been immersed as deeply in the presidential election as The Bugle, Friday’s episode was a bit like the first day of summer vacation, with John and Andy breathing a sigh of relief that it’s over, we all passed, and we can immediately forget everything we just learned. If the campaign caused you to lose of faith in all humanity, things like John’s proposition that both candidates should be required to tour the country in hazmat suits to clean up the emotional pollution caused by the endless campaign’s toxic bullshit that will do something to restore it. And in true Bugle fashion, this momentous week in American politics was celebrated with an epic presidential pun run that puts every DC speechwriter to shame.

The Phil Hendrie Podcast #68

MARC: Good things DO come to those who wait! Years ago, living in Northern California, my only reliable access to Phil Hendrie’s KFI radio show out of Los Angeles was the occasional CDs of the show my friend Matt would send me. And any time I was in the southland, I’d gobble up as much Hendrie as my ears would hold. Hendrie created some of the most original and hilarious programming to be found on radio. NOW he’s making hours and hours of past moments available via his daily podcast. Dr. Jim Sadler’s his guest in this epi, and he’s giving hints on how to get people to move along that are blocking your way in the fast lane on the freeway. “Get right up on their bumper and highbeam ‘em!” urges the doc. “Nobody ever gets mad. In fact, they appreciate you letting them know they’re going too slow.” And if that pokey driver ahead of you is handicapped? “Four short blasts of the horn lets them know you’re back there,” adds Sadler. No one messes with me – I was an all-star wrestler and one look of my well-muscled arm resting on the windowtells folks I mean business.” The people who call into the show are increasingly outraged the more outlanding Sadler gets and even Hendrie cautions him about going to far. Spoiler Alert: Hendrie IS Dr. Jim. And he’s even one of the outraged callers. But the other callers often don’t get the gag…and neither will you until you hear a few episodes and get hip to Hendrie.

The Joe Rogan Experience #283 - Dave Attell

JAY: You know podcasts have come a long way when stars promote their projects on a podcast tour, instead of a radio tour. Comedy legend Dave Attell did just that this week on The Joe Rogan Experience and The Adam Carolla Show. Attell sat in on each podcast to ring in the new season of his Showtime show: Dave’s Old Porn. After careful deliberation, I chose to review Rogan’s podcast. These two gladiators start off discussing the life of a comedian. After so many years of standup, Dave still doesn’t feel like he’s funny, which is both depressing and somehow inspiring for the rest of us. Things begin on a weird note. Leave it to Rogan to show Attell a picture of a python eating an alligator. Then they discuss New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and how quickly society can break down. Naturally, the conversation turns to fake butts (like Ice-T’s wife: CoCo has,) porn, drugs, coconut water, Zappa, and the old Boston comedy scene. Then its back into a deeper discussion of old porn, strip clubs, and (naturally) Thailand. This podcast has it all: comedy, drugs, porn, drugs in porn, comedy in porn, drugs in comedy… everything radio program directors would never allow on the air.

Comedy Bang Bang #186 - Julie Klausner, Jake Fogelnest, Paul F. Tompkins

SAM: What do you get when you throw four of the most hilarious podcasters ever in a room together? This week’s CBB, which features native New Yorkers / total badasses Klausner and Fogelnest (whose respective shows How Was Your Week and The Fogelnest Files are two of our new favorites), plus a special visit from iconic director Garry Marshall, who spends most of his on air time deciding who can and can’t call him by his first name. This episode features so many lovingly played-along-with bits that I was straight up losing it on the train, which is as good a barometer of hilarity as any. Did Julie really have a cut cameo in Stepmom? Does Scope make toothpaste too? What’s Marshall’s secret nickname? Which guest is surprisingly terrible at Would You Rather? All of this and more on this week’s Comedy Bang Bang.

This Week in the Splitsider Podcast Network:

The Complete Guide To Everything: Star Wars

Earlier this week, the world heard the news that a new installment of a little-seen art house film from the 70s called Star Wars is in the works. The internet exploded with excitement at the prospect of a new sequel in a series that people absolutely hate exactly half of. In this episode, we talk about the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, as well as the cult of Star Wars in general.Also in this episode, Tom informs Tim of his legal obligation to always record the podcast while wearing a shirt, and Tim regrets giving Tom power of attorney. Also, Tom takes steroids for a week and gets unexpectedly emotional. Finally, we present a new installment of Fifty Shades of Tim, in which things really start getting gross.

Make Yourself Comfy with Abra Tabak #6: “Big Time Baby” with Chelsea Clarke, Josh Patten, & Gavin Speiller

Oh, hello! In this episode of “Make Yourself Comfy with Abra Tabak” Chelsea Clarke (The Curfew), Josh Patten (Saturday Night LiveGrandma’s Ashes), and Gavin Speiller (Death By Roo Roo) join Abra to create a world where mushroom heads perish, America’s coins are threatened, and Hugh Grant has to kill, but loves sweets.

A Funny Thing: John Flynn Fights One Enormous Testicle

Comedian and storyteller John Flynn awoke one morning to discover one of his testicles had swollen to the size of an ambitious nectarine. Only one man could help him: his own grandfather, the very man from whom John must keep an incredible secret! How unspeakably awkward will things get? Listen to find out, on this week’s A Funny Thing.

It’s That Episode 40: ‘Space Ghost’ with Nate Smith and Show Writer Dave Willis

A very special Space Ghost Coast To Coast episode. Dave Willis (Space Ghost, Aqua Teen Hunger Force) chooses some Space Ghost episodes for superfan Nate Smith (UCB Theatre) to watch. Nate talks about how he tailored his prom clothes to accommodate his Space Ghost fandom, and discusses his out of control TV addiction. Then Craig skypes with Dave Willis to talk about working on Space Ghost and all things Adult Swim, all while Dave attempts to buy Dwight Yoakam tickets.

The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Director and Star of ‘Beauty Is Embarrassing’ – Pee Wee’s Playhouse Art Director Documentary

Even if you’ve never heard Wayne White’s name, you’ve almost definitely enjoyed his work. Wayne was a designer on shows like Pee-Wee’s Playhouseand Beakman’s World, as well as music videos like Smashing Pumpkins’ Tonight Tonight. Wayne has since developed a second career in the fine arts world and is the subject of the wonderful new documentary Beauty is Embarrassing. This week on The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show you will hear from both Wayne and the film’s director, Neil Berkley. We discuss the influence of Pee-Wee, what shows are continuing it’s legacy today, and what message Wayne implanted in the unsuspecting brains of children.

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