Conan’s Brian McCann Named Head Writer on ‘The Nikki and Sara Show’

Longtime Conan writer Brian McCann has just been hired as the head writer for the upcoming late night series The Nikki and Sara Show, comedian Sara Schaefer tells us. Hosted by Schaefer and Nikki Glaser from the popular podcast You Had to Be There, The Nikki and Sara Show is set to debut next year on MTV. Emmy winner McCann spent 17 years writing for Conan, from 1995 until this past August. At Conan, McCann helped to define the show’s sensibility and played some of its more memorable characters, like Preparation H Raymond, the FedEx Pope, and Mick Ferguson, The Guy Who’s Awfully Proud of His Bulletproof Legs. A show hosted by two talented comedians like Glaser and Schaefer was already something to look forward to, but with the writing reins now in the hands of Brian McCann, you comedy nerds should be frothing at the mouth and making your co-workers look at you weird as you over-excitedly take in this news.

Conan’s Brian McCann Named Head Writer on ‘The Nikki […]