Daniel Craig Has Some Interesting Bond-Girl Opinions

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Previously on the Skyfall press tour, Daniel Craig admitted that Adele makes him cry and that he’d rather just quit making James Bond movies all together. He is a sharer, our 007, and also possesses some controversial opinions — as evidenced by his pick in a Rihanna vs. Beyoncé Bond Girl Face-off. “Rihanna,” he answers at the end of this video. “She’s dirtier.”  Now, Beyoncé’s turn as fake Bond Girl in the third Austin Powers movie was not exactly Oscar material, but, uh, we assume Daniel Craig has not seen Battleship? Or this Tumblr? Did Rihanna’s weird SNL screensaver have something to do with this? (It really was remarkably similar to the Skyfall credits.) Discuss at home.

Craig Has Some Interesting Bond-Girl Opinions