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Last Night on Late Night: The Happiest Interview With Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon, SNL Besties

Last night on Late Night, two SNL besties reunited and made for such cute, happy TV. So for that, thank you, Jimmy Fallon and Amy Poehler, who scratched out a note for her Parks and Recreation BFF and tomorrow’s guest Rashida Jones, then snuck it in the chair so Fallon wouldn’t read it. She then ad-libbed a march song for her Golden Globes co-hosting gig with Tina Fey — “Lower your expectations, Lower your expectations” — and completely fangirl’ed over her celebrity crush and P&R cameo Joe Biden. Plus: Joseph Gordon Levitt received texts from “Abraham Lincoln” when he was still Daniel Day-Lewis, but as filming drew closer, DDL wrote him a hand-written letter — with a fountain pen. Also, David Letterman, unsubtle hater of tattoos, teased Scarlett Johansson for her newest lucky horseshoe tat — “So, you’re a Colts fan, huh?” — and Alicia Keys crooned a sexy blue light version of “Girl on Fire.” Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

The Happiest Interview With Poehler and Fallon