David Wain on the ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Sequel: ‘Seriously, We’re Doing It’

Writer/director David Wain spoke to Laughspin today, confirming that he and co-writer Michael Showalter are working on a Wet Hot American Summer sequel. Wain says, “It is slowly but surely in the process of being made.” When asked if they’ve written at least a few pages of the script, Wain laughed and replied with, “I would say we have more than a few pages.”

Wain continued, “Seriously, we’re doing it. I know everyone wants to know. I’m flattered and thrilled, but the creative process has its own time schedule. And meanwhile Michael [Showalter] and I are in the editing process of the movie we shot over the summer called They Came Together, which will be finishing soon and we’ll be putting it out soon and I’m very excited for people to see that.”

They Came Together is a romantic comedy homage written by Wain and Showalter shortly after Wet Hot American Summer that just made it into production this year. The movie stars Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler, who also appeared in Wet Hot 11 years ago before their careers blew up. They’ll presumably be back for the Wet Hot sequel, considering they’re still working with Wain. The can of vegetables, whose career has also exploded, probably won’t return for the sequel because he’s reportedly on some sort of ego trip.

David Wain on the ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Sequel: […]