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A Young Doctor’s Notebook Trailer: Jon Hamm Is Daniel Radcliffe, Vaguely British

Would you buy Daniel Radcliffe as a young Jon Hamm? is the question Vulture first asked when both actors signed up for A Young Doctor’s Notebook. Perhaps the question we should have asked was: Would you buy Jon Hamm with a British accent? Admittedly, Hamm does not speak much in this first trailer for the four-part British mini-series; Radcliffe will apparently do enough bumbling for the both of them. But when Don Draper does go to that accented place, he sounds … just like Don Draper. Okay, fine, he sounds like Don Draper doing a halfhearted imitation of Lane Pryce. (R.I.P.) The chemistry seems to be working, though (at least in the bathtub; Bravo to that idea).

Doctor’s Notebook Trailer: Hamm Does Radcliffe