Earwolf Launches New Shows from Brian Posehn, Adam McKay, Funny or Die

The Earwolf podcast network is debuting two new shows this week, one from Mr. Show alum Brian Posehn and one from Funny or Die that stars the comedy website’s bosses Adam McKay and Owen Burke. Posehn, who wrote for Mr. Show alongside Earwolf founder Scott Aukerman, hosts Nerd Poker, a podcast that brings you along for a weekly Dungeons & Dragons game between Posehn and his friends. McKay and Burke’s show, Owen & TJ Read the News,  is a monthly podcast in which McKay plays an aspiring rapper/cell phone case salesman named TJ who reports the latest news alongside Owen Burke (playing himself). It’s the first new podcast to result from last year’s partnership between Earwolf and Funny or Die (although FOD hosts all of Earwolf’s original shows on its site, this is the first one in which they’re involved creatively). Stay tuned as Earwolf continues to hoard up all the funny people.

Earwolf Launches New Shows from Brian Posehn, Adam […]