James Franco, Lindsay Lohan, and Terry Richardson Made an R.E.M. Video

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, which means that End of Year Season — that frenzied time where everyone who was not already making lists puts all their favorite things into a list, and then we all argue about the lists, and then we make lists of lists — is almost upon us.  But if you’d like to start recapping early, then Vulture would point you to R.E.M.’s video for “Blue,” which was directed by James Franco, and features Lindsay Lohan posing lazily for Terry Richardson while hazy pictures of L.A. swirl all around her.  It is essentially the Franco-ified, hipster glasses-sponsored version of The Canyons — which more or less summarizes what it was like to be on the internet in 2012. (Okay, maybe “Call Me Maybe” should be in there.  But it’s close.) Happy List Season, everyone.

Franco and Lohan Made an R.E.M. Video