‘Friends’ Producer Says There Won’t Be a ‘Friends’ Movie

With reunion movies in the works for Arrested Development, Entourage, Party Down, Bored to Death, and more shows probably, one sitcom that won’t be given the big-screen treatment is Friends, according to producer Kevin S. Bright. Promoting the Blu-Ray release of the wildly-popular 90s series, Bright told TV Guide, “There is absolutely, 100 percent no talk about a reunion. Maybe they’ll find a reason one day, and obviously the reason can’t be about money and things like that. Other than that, I don’t think there is a reason to do it. There will be no Friends movie.” Rumors of a Friends movie have been swirling around for years, with the most notable one coming from the guy who played Gunther (seriously), who told The Daily Mail in 2009 that the movie was definitely happening. The studio, some of the show’s cast, and now, Kevin Bright have denied plans for a movie, so, unfortunately, you’ll probably never get to see people dance around in a fountain in 3D.

‘Friends’ Producer Says There Won’t Be a ‘Friends’ […]