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Start Grading Episodes on Vulture’s TV Recaps

Photo: Sony, NBC

Today Vulture is introducing a fantastic new feature to our popular TV recaps: Now readers can grade each episode from one to five stars and compare their score with other readers’ and the recapper’s. Think last night’s Good Wife was the best episode yet? Click five stars in the box at the top of the recap! Did Glee hit a sour note? One star! (Oh, sorry — you say you know full well how grading works? Sorry, we’re just so excited about this that we’re overexplaining.)

In the grading module you’ll also see the recapper’s score, as well as the average reader score. (You can only vote once: Recapbot knows all.) If you disagree with the growing conventional wisdom that an episode was either really great or worst. episode. ever., fight it out in the comments. And if you agree with everyone that it was just mediocre, stage a meh-off! We’re retroactively inputting our recappers’ grades for all past episodes this season, so feel free to go back and judge them, too. At the end of the season we’ll rank the entire season by reader grades versus recapper grades — stay tuned on our decision as to whether to call it Recapapalooza, Retrospectathon, or Grade on Entebbe. Needless to say, we welcome any better ideas.

You Can Grade Episodes on Vulture’s TV Recaps