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Last Night on Late Night: How Damian Lewis Diffuses the Tension on the Set of Homeland

Last night on Live, Damian Lewis affirmed that a certain amount of tension written into the Homeland script materializes among the cast members on set — “Sometimes, it is very focused because we’re all trying to make sense of it, and keep it interesting and plausible,” but (and this is one adverse “but”) “then other times, Mandy Patinkin and I will sing a Sondheim show tune.” And while on the subject of considerable butts, Alessandra Ambrosio sometimes contemplates getting butt implants. Also, pre-glam-Mrs. Timberlake Jessica Biel used to hang Barbie dolls’ heads on her Christmas tree; and self-admitted ghostwriter-hater Neil Young owned up to his behind-the-scenes nice-guy persona reflected in his memoir, Waging Heavy Peace. He admonished us not to judge his happy book by its “unhappy” cover — nor some of the songs that just might be associated with said rock-and-roll star. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

How Damian Lewis Melts On-Set Homeland Tension