Idris Elba Made and Starred in a Mumford & Sons Video

Is the video for “Lover of the Light” as analytically impenetrable as the rest of Mumford & Sons’ jolly, often thrilling, almost entirely vague catalogue? It is! However, it stars and is directed by Idris Elba, who hasn’t really directed anything, so that’s exciting. Spend the six minutes pondering one of two things: Elba’s storyline in this video (Whom is he talking to? Did his wife die and become a reindeer/elk/caribou? Exactly how into breakfast is this guy?), or the real-life plot of how the video came about (Elba and Marcus Mumford’s missus, Carey Mulligan, haven’t acted together yet, but they’ve both co-starred with Michael Fassbender — was this a Fassbender-enabled production, a “hey, we’re all British here” thing, or a cold call from Stringer Bell, Mumford Fan?). Anyway, it’s pretty.

Idris Elba Made a Mumford & Sons Video