‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Producer Michael Schneider Discusses the Show’s Challenging, Exhilarating Week in New York

“It has been incredibly challenging for our staff and crew and Jimmy, but at the same time absolutely exhilarating… We planned for a year to come to Brooklyn, and never in our contingency plans did we ever make any accommodations for a hurricane. We just never, ever had that on our list of to do items that we needed to address. We tried to think of everything that we could ever imagine happening, and that certainly was not one of them. It feels like we’re all in this together, creating this unbelievable experience of a week of shows that we knew would be special, but we never could have anticipated just how special it would be to bring these shows to Brooklyn and entertain people who absolutely, in addition to many other things that they need this week, are in desperate need of some comic relief.”

- ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ producer Michael Schneider to ’TV Guide’ about picking the worst possible week to do a run of shows in Brooklyn.

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Producer Michael Schneider […]