Jon Hamm Is Prepping for His First Leading Role in a Comedy in ‘Epic Fail’

Jon Hamm is the envy of most Americans for being incredibly talented at both dramatic and comedic acting, as well as being absurdly good-looking on top of all of that, and he’s looking to take his comedy game to the next level by starring in his first movie comedy, Variety reports. Hamm is circling a movie called Epic Fail, in which he’d play a high school teacher who hires two of his students to kidnap his wife so he can be the hero and save their marriage. Epic Fail was written by rookie Kevin Costello and will be directed by Mark Teitelman, an ESPN veteran who’s a budding comedy director. Hamm has demonstrated a surprising propensity for comedy in supporting roles in Bridesmaids, 30 Rock, and Childrens Hospital, plus well-received guest hosting stints on SNL, but if Epic Fail moves forward, it will be his first leading role in a comedy. He’ll next be seen alongside Larry David in his HBO movie Clear History. Hamm hasn’t signed on to the project officially yet, but he is said to be “circling” it, and if he signs on it would make for his second leading role in a movie after Million Dollar Arm, a drama about a sports agent that he’s set to film next and a movie that makes much more sense for an ESPN director to make.

Jon Hamm Is Prepping for His First Leading Role in a […]