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Party Lines Slideshow: Judah Friedlander Knows Trucker Hats Are Over

Judah Friedlander. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Judah Friedlander was at Comedy Central’s Indecision 2012 party Tuesday night, and although he wasn’t shirtless this time around, he wasn’t a buttoned-up version of himself, either. When asked how he survived Hurricane Sandy, he joked, “For a while, I had to call 311. I was like, ‘I live in Zone B and my apartment just floated into Zone A — does that mean I have to evacuate?’ They didn’t have an answer.” When asked to identify his most red-state attribute, he called out his sartorial staple, the trucker hat. “I have been making and wearing my own trucker hats for probably over twenty years,” he explained. “And I know they used to not be cool, and then they were cool, and now they are not cool again. And I remember when I was wearing them, before they became trendy, one person actually accused me of being a racist because I was wearing the trucker hat. And I was like, Well, that is a very open-minded viewpoint.” For more from a roomful of liberal comedians, click through our slideshow.

Judah Friedlander Knows Trucker Hats Are Over