Julie Klausner Gives an Advance Look at Next Week’s Approval Matrix

You’ve been seeing a lot more of writer-comedian–podcast hostReal Housewives savant Julie Klausner on our site recently, whether she’s been interviewing RuPaul’s Drag Race all-stars on their election views, monitoring Twilight fans’ horniness levels in the movie franchise’s home stretch, or, most recently, shopping for the right baby accoutrements for a zombie apocalypse. Vulture is proud to announce that Julie will continue to be a more frequent commentator for our site, both in weekly original videos found here and also as our emissary when the call goes out saying a Vulture expert is needed to opine about an important pop-culture issue on TV. (It’s like the Batsignal, except Ryan Gosling’s silhouette appears in the sky in place of a bat.) This morning, Julie appeared on the Today show with Willie Geist to give a preview of next week’s Approval Matrix in New York Magazine. Watch the segment below to hear her thoughts on skateboarding Afghan girls, the Rolling Stones out-olding the Supreme Court, and Liz Lemon’s traditional Alderaanian wedding garb.

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Julie Klausner Previews the New Approval Matrix