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Lady Edith Can’t Catch a Break in Real Life, Either

Photo: BBC

Without going into the specifics of Downton Abbey’s third season — which has not aired in the United States, and is therefore still spoiler-protected — let us just say that Lady Edith Crawley continues to receive the short ends of various sticks. Turns out her real life ain’t much easier: Poor Laura Carmichael debuted in a West End production of Uncle Vanya the other night, only to be heckled by famous director (and father to Rebecca) Peter Hall.  “Stop, stop, stop,” he apparently yelled during the final scene. “It doesn’t work and you don’t work. It is not good enough. I could be at home watching television.” Aw. Even Lady Mary wouldn’t do that (if only for propriety’s sake). Leave Edith be.

Update: Hall has apologized, saying he “was ‘briefly disorientated’ after waking from a brief doze.”  Yeah, and the Fake Patrick patient was “briefly disorientated” after having half his face burned off.  That doesn’t make Edith feel any better.

Lady Edith Can’t Catch a Break in Real Life