Marc Maron Wraps Production on His IFC Show, Coming June 2013

Marc Maron announced today via the email list for his WTF podcast, that he’s finished production on Maron, the new IFC show he co-wrote and stars in. Here’s some of Maron’s email to fans:

“I wrapped. That’s show biz talk that I have never been able to utter because I have never been in anything to wrap really. I completed shooting 10 episodes of ‘Maron’ for IFC. I have to say that it was an amazing experience that I really had given up on ever happening for me. I had genuinely let go of the dream of doing a television show. The fact that I was able to do one with a network that afforded me the freedom to be myself is amazing. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity. The crew was amazing and I really just felt like we were all working together to create something…Now I get to see if anyone likes it. We are editing now and I am a bit surprised at how personal it all is but what else did I expect me to do. The airdate as it stands now is June 2013. I wish to hell it was sooner but that seems to be out of my control. [I’ll] let you know how the edits are coming along. I couldn’t have done it without all of you.”
Marc Maron Wraps Production on His IFC Show, Coming […]