Maria Bamford’s New Special, Where Her Parents Are the Only Audience Members, Is Available Now

Here’s a preview of Maria Bamford’s new stand-up special, entitled Maria Bamford: the special special special!, which she recorded in her living room with only her parents (Marilyn and Joel Bamford) as audience members. Bamford’s longtime friend Jackie Kashian is there to introduce her and Wayne Federman accompanies her on keyboards. You can download the special now on for $5. It promises to be the best stand-up special with a two-person audience you’ll watch all year.

Here’s Bamford’s statement about the special:

Hello friends, critics and critical friends.Welcome to the special special special comedy special. It’s very good.I love comedy. And who do I want to make laugh more than Marilyn and Joel Bamford, my parents? So, we’ve cut out the middle man of 200 strangers in a tv studio and gone right to the source.With some paid audiences, the feigned enthusiasm can be a little uncomfortable to watch, but I genuinely rock the house. My parents only wish they could be there with you when you watch this with your parents.Have a Skinny Cow immersed in Kahlua on their behalf and enjoy. I’m very proud of them.Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy… and please share this link with a friend.
Maria Bamford’s New Special, Where Her Parents Are the […]