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Last Night on Late Night: Hey, Will Ferrell: Marion Cotillard Won’t Sleep With You

Last night in an interview with Marion Cotillard on Lately, Chelsea Handler segued from a conversation on working with an animal, per the French actress’s latest film Rust and Bone, to sleeping with an animal of the likes of one Will Ferrell, who already comes equipped with huge amorous hubris. “Will Ferrell, I don’t want to have sex with you,” Cotillard declared to the camera, “but …” But, nothing. She’s a married mother of one. Plus: Jim Parsons explained the agreement he’d made with Kaley Cuoco for that awesome Big Bang Theory flash mob she had coordinated: He says his signature “Bazinga” in exchange for not dancing; and Lily Tomlin read aloud the apology letter she had sent to Wilford Brimley for the premature death pronouncement. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Marion Cotillard Won’t Sleep With Will Ferrell