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The Many Scowls of The Walking Dead’s Michonne

As this half-season of The Walking Dead draws to a close, it seems this cluster of episodes will be known for three things: (1) a marked uptick in quality; (2) the overdue death of Lori; and (3) Michonne. She keeps armless zombies on a leash! She has a katana! We know basically nothing about her! She’s also the world’s scowlingest human. Sure, Michonne, like the rest of the survivors, often encounters scenarios that are scowl-worthy, but she really goes the extra mile, forgoing all other facial expressions and exclusively furrowing her brow, squinting slightly, and pursing her lips. We present to you the many, many scowls of Michonne.

The annoyed scowl

The observant scowl

The simmering rage scowl

The I-don’t-like-surpises scowl

The side scowl

The daytime scowl

The nighttime scowl

The something-is-amiss scowl

The fence scowl

The wilderness scowl

The interior scowl

The are-you-kidding-me scowl, just for Merle

The Many Scowls of The Walking Dead’s Michonne