‘Mr. Show’ Was Right: America Once Planned to Blow Up the Moon

Earlier this week, The Daily Mail unearthed a secret government plan from the 1950s that involved using a nuclear bomb to detonate the moon in order to intimidate the Soviet Union, which sounds suspiciously similar to a well-known Mr. Show sketch from 1997, about NASA blowing up the moon for no reason. The Daily Mail reports that during the height of The Cold War, the U.S. military used calculations from astronomer Carl Sagan to plan to fire a missile at the moon, only to understandably abandon said plans. Were Bob Odenkirk and David Cross aware of this secret Cold War operation decades prior to it going public? I’m now convinced that the only way Odenkirk and Cross were able to create such a flawless comedy show is through secret government knowledge about dumb things the U.S. once tried to do that make for solid sketch comedy fodder. I’m expecting reports to come out soon about the U.S. government’s failed attempts to mix mustard and mayonnaise in the same jar, launch a pre-taped call-in show, and burn metalheads bodies with acid until they’re comically shriveled up.

‘Mr. Show’ Was Right: America Once Planned to Blow Up […]