NBC Cautiously Picks Up More Episodes of ‘Guys with Kids’

NBC has ordered four more episodes of its new sitcom Guys with Kids, bringing the episode order from 13 to 17, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Jimmy Fallon-produced parenting series stars Jesse Bradford, Anthony Anderson, and Zach Cregger and has been earning modest but dependable ratings throughout its first season so far. The show generally improved on the ratings of its now-canceled lead-in Animal Practice and managed to retain most of Whitney’s audience after that show’s premiere last night. NBC ordering only 4 additional episodes instead of the typical 9-episode back order means they’re being careful, which makes sense considering Guys with Kids’ ratings aren’t great. So, America, you have four more episodes to realize how truly funny the image of macho guys wearing sunglasses with their babies strapped to their chests is.

NBC Cautiously Picks Up More Episodes of ‘Guys with […]