NBC Orders Five More Scripts of a Show That’s Not ‘Community’

While Community is still waiting in the wings to debut its short, 13-episode fourth season in February, another NBC sitcom, Whitney, is set to start up next week. Deadline reports that the Peacock Network has ordered five additional scripts for Whitney episodes, increasing the show’s chances for sticking around for the full season. Over the summer, NBC decided to order only 13 episodes of both Whitney and Community and scheduled them both for Friday nights, in what the industry refers to as the “Friday night death slot.”  Then, NBC wisely backed off on that choice and slotted Whitney for October and Community for February 2013. These 5 additional Whitney scripts will potentially bring the show’s order to 18 episodes, which will keep it on the air through the rest of the season, giving Community fans another reason to resent the fact that Whitney is getting better treatment from the network than their beloved show.

NBC Orders Five More Scripts of a Show That’s Not […]