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Noomi Rapace Stars in the Rolling Stones’ New NSFW Video

This entire video is basically a line-for-line manifestation of the lyrics to the Rolling Stones’ new single “Doom and Gloom,” as if they had somehow occurred in Noomi Rapace’s very on-the-nose dream. Being rich is symbolized by Rapace swimming in a pile of cash and being poor means Rapace as a gutterpunk with a sign that reads “I’M POOR.” Mick sings “eating dirt,” so Rapace eats and vomits and eats hamburgers until her head literally explodes, as Mick sings “going to make your head explode.” It is the music-video equivalent of your dad whispering to you at the Thanksgiving table: “Did you see that Prometheus movie? I’d like to see that gal naked on a pile of trash.”

New Rolling Stones Video Starring Noomi Rapace